Henry’s #18: The Tulip Tote
The Tulip Tote takes everyday style to a new level. Handcrafted of supple, French pebbled leather, it has a palladium hook closure and an easy access back pocket. Two interchangeable shoulder straps provide distinctly different looks and carry options. Use the leather strap for more sophisticated style and the twill strap for casual weekend wear.
  • French pebbled calf leather from Les Tanneries Roux
  • Leather lined
  • Tongue and loop closure
  • Italian palladium (jewelry grade) hardware
  • Italian twill webbed strap
  • 11" x W 6.75" x L 9.25"
  • Model: H0924S
Henry’s bags and accessories feature leather from the quality leather maker Les Tanneries Roux. Founded in 1803, Les Tanneries Roux is based in Romans-sur-Isère, France. This boutique tannery has been family-owned for four generations and is known within the luxury leather goods community for its artisanal processes and highly skilled craftsmen. With an intense commitment to detail, the tannery focuses special attention on each and every skin to create a quality item that has the same thickness throughout the entire skin. Each skin is hand trimmed to the exact specifications of our use to minimize waste and maximize the leather yield. All Tannerie Roux leathers use a special 100% calf bull leather from Germany and France. At the tannery, the raw skins go through a four-step tanning process that gives the leather its rich color, smooth surface, and nice round feel.